Himachal Pradesh University scientist bags computer memory devices research project

Shimla: A physicist with the faculty of Himachal Pradesh University has been picked for a prestigious project to carry out research on next generation memory devices in computer applications.

Dr NS Negi, from the department of physics would be doing his research on ferroelectric-ferrite multilayer thin films for next generation memory devices,” said a university spokesman.

Dr NS Negi

The central governments department of science and technology has sanctioned Rs 40 lakhs for the research project, he said.

Multi-ferroics are a very promising materials for other multifunctional devices and biological applications. Studies on these materials are being done in universities and institutes globally,” said Negi.

Nano-electromechanical Systems (NEMS) and Nano-structured materials will be technological drivers of the future, especially for infrared detectors and piezoelectric sensor applications” he added.

Negi had placed his research project for funding before the department in April, it was technically accepted in July.