Himachal Local: Marriage Preparation for Saving a marriage before it happens

How to fix a broken marriage, or even before the marriage starts?
The best and most effective time to prevent a marriage crisis or divorce is before marriage. These e-books help get newlyweds off to a great start.

50 Secrets of Blissful Relationships

This book often comes together with the sequel, 50 More Secrets of Blissful Relationships. I printed these books off and read them. I highly recommend reading them before marriage.

Proposals – Popping the Question

I got this book too late after I had already popped the question. I got it as a part of the whole relationship collection. (See it below.) It’s worthwhile making your proposal a memorable moment for your loved one, and there is much wisdom in this book for keeping guys out of trouble and disappointment and embarassment.

1,000 Questions for Couples

When I see an order for this e-book come in, I feel happy. I have mixed feelings when orders come in for an e-book that may help bring healing to a crisis situation in a marriage because it usually means a marriage is in trouble. But, when someone buys this e-book, I know they are preparing in advance for a great marriage. I feel that way about all the books on this page.

Michael Webb’s Whole Relationship Collection

This is the ultimate collection of relationship materials that includes the above materials and much, much more. It covers everything about relationships from dating or courting to popping the question to romantic dates and advice on sex within marriage. It covers the tragic situations that sometimes happen within marriage, too, such as affairs and divorce stopping and divorce recovery.

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