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Hello world! Welcome to

Hello world! Welcome to

My Himachal is a non-religious and a non-political organization. My
Himachal’s mission is to preserve Himachal culture, promote, support and expand social and economic interests of Himachal Pradesh and its people worldwide. As the name suggests, My Himachal, it’s an effort, which is yours! It’s an effort from people like you, it is an effort for everyone and with everyone’s support.
With information technology, it is becoming easy to connect to everyone beyond physical boundaries. Technology also gives us power to unite and expand our efforts so as to preserve our rich culture and show it to rest of the world and at the same time generate various avenues for employment and development.

All these efforts are managed by a team of people who love Himachal from different parts of the world and are working hard to make Himachal the best state in India. In this effort, we all invite you to be part of it and write about Himachal. If you have stories about Himachal and want to share positive information about Himachal then you are welcome to be part of the team.

Spread the word about myHimachal. Link to us, use our banner or tell your friends. Thank you!

Ganesha Goes to Lunch: Classics from Mystic India

Kamla K. Kapur’s GANESHA GOES TO LUNCH: Classics from Mystic India (Mandala Publishing, $14.95), offer both a window into a fascinating culture that has endured for thousands of years, and a code for living that can be applied to the modern world. The 24 insightful myths, recreated and embellished, reveal timeless insights into the human condition. Yoga + Joyful Living magazine has said: “Kapur has done yoga students a huge favor by collecting some of the best-loved tales of Hindu mythology and explaining their underlying spiritual meaning. This gorgeously illustrated book retells ancient tales with a delightful modern sensibility.”

Kamla K. Kapur, a resident of Himachal Pradesh, lives in a remote region of the Kullu Valley, The Valley of the Gods. Many of the heroes in Kapur’s book are worshipped in the temples of the region.

Himachal Governor stressed need to promote Kangra Paintings

Governor VS Kokje said that there was a need to protect and promote the distinct identity of the Kangra School of paintings. Governorinaugurated Kangra Painting Training School at Dharamsala today.

“Besides popular themes from ancient Indian mythology, those from Mughal, British as well as modern era should be depicted,” said Kokje.

Speaking at the Kangra Art Promotion function at Dharamsala the governor said that the responsibility of popularizing of the art lay with the artists as it would help them to earn well. “Incorporating modernity there was a need to preserve the originality of Kangra painting,” he said

Lauding the efforts of Kangra Art Promotion Society in reviving Kangra Paintings, Kokje said that there was a need to undertake research and cooperation with artists and institutions associated with Rajasthan and Madhubani style of paintings could be soughtgovsep11b.jpg.
Kangra paintings are an offshoot of the school of Pahari school paintings that were patronized by the Rajput rulers between the 17th and 19th centuries.

Kangra Art Promotion Society (KAPS) is behind the opening of school. The School would provide Rs. 1500 scholarship per month to six students and Rs. 35000 would be spent on each student every year. Kokje appreciated the efforts of Kangra Art Promotion Society in reviving Kangra Paintings.

Governor honoured Dr. Akshay Ranchal, Ajay Mittal, Vijay Lal, Faiz Murtaza Ali, Ms. Smriti Chadda, Yogi Mahajan and Ajay Singh Mankotia for sponsoring trainees to the Kangra Art Training School.

Hindi Divas celebrated

Shimla: V.S. Kokje, Governor stressed upon the need to promote Hindi Language in day-to-day life and added that country could progress only when it is established as official language (Rajbhasha). He was speaking in the State level Hindi Divas function.

Governor said that electronic media is also playing a significant role in popularizing Hindi language by making it a medium for reaching the public.

Kokje honoured Secretariat, Directorate and District level Officers and officials with Rajbhasha Puraskar.

GAD (F) , Revenue (B), Industries (B) branches won 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively for Secretariat level,Bhim Sen , Principal Secretary, Social Justice and Empowerment was awarded Secretariat level Best Officer,Mrs. Parvati Verma, TCP for Secretariat level Rajbhasha Officer, Mrs. Laxmi Pal, SAD, Sushil Kumar Sharma, Health branch, Pyare Lal, Urban Development branch were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively for Secretariat level Best Official category.

Small Savings, Panchayat Raj and Land Record Directorates were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively . Hrideya Ram Chauhan, Cooperative Directorate and Ghanshyam Singh Bali, Assistant Director, Small Savings were awarded Best Officer and Rajbhasha Officer at Directorate level. Pyare Singh Agriculture, Mrs. Kamla Chauhan, Local Audit and Mani Ram, Hospitality were awarded Best Officers at Directorate level.

District Panchayat Officer, Kullu, DPRO Mandi and DFSC were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively at District level. Mrs. D.D. Thakur, District Welfare Officer, Chamba and Mrs. Anita Gautam, District Employment Officer, Una were awarded for Best District level Officers category. S.R. Gautam, District Welfare Office, Hamirpur, Baldev Singh, Statistics Office, Bilaspur, Mrs. Krishna, Statistics Office, Nahan were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively for best official at district level category. Deputy Commissioner Kullu and Bhim Singh Chauhan, DLO, Mandi were also honoured.

Municipal Corporation, Shimla, Social Welfare Board and Khadi Gramodyug Board were awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes respectively.