Adveces for runing a healthy marriage

how to save a marriage

Marriage is not just about love, it’s about business. Happiness is in our hands, we need to learn from our hearts, learn to operate happiness. As the saying goes, the fence is tight and the wild dogs can’t get in. Marriage, after all, is a business.

Patience to listen to
When someone is talking about something or asking for advice, be patient. Don’t be impatient or irrelevant answer. Don’t interrupt. Don’t give an ultimatum.
Don’t find fault
Fault not to run his own marriage, everyone has enough, don’t “fault” in the form of sarcasm, guests present more don’t do this, not to give you, if you really have the shortcomings and mistakes, or patience to persuade, remember picking is the big fear of marriage.
The past not mention
In the past, you and your partner’s love history should not be repeated, the letter should be destroyed, so as not to break the branches, destroy the heart of the marriage.
Humor method
The humor method is the lubricant that manages marriage at appropriate time, make a joke just right, make a funny action naturally, break the tension atmosphere with laughter, transfer bad mood.
Suggestive method
It is not necessary to say that. The psychologist said that if the marriage is to be managed well, it will have to go all the way, hoping to see how the friends who manage their marriage can have a happy marriage.
Respect each other
Married couples, even childhood sweethearts, still have their own personality traits. Some husbands have sex, have been out for many years, can’t stay at home. The wife is quiet and social, and wants her husband to stay at home all day long. Every time the husband came back, his wife was unhappy, and sometimes she had a little temper, and if she could not bear it, she might quarrel. To manage his own marriage, will be a considerate wife or husband, should respect each other’s personality, not to impose its will on the other side, to keep a free space for each other, allowing the other party has its own social circle. In this way, marriage is not a kind of imprisonment, but to give full play to their respective personality characteristics, and a warm home of attachment.
Husband and wife should learn to be patient.
The husband and wife must learn to be patient in marriage. “the most important thing in married life is patience,” he said. When the other lost his temper or a provocation, take patience and avoid the best way, or put yourself in understanding the causes, and to help relief, and not to be affected by each other’s feelings, make yourself bad mood state, so as to manage a good marriage.
Couples should be honest with each other.
Love is a kind of make people power, striving to make progress on both sides of the first marriage is both sides thought and a kind of emotional harmony, is a kind of psychological activity on compensate each other, so that both sides can produce a kind of warmth, coordination of health psychology. Therefore, couples should be honest with each other, respect each other and care for each other, which is more pleasing than giving gifts.
Influence each other
To manage their own marriage, we must learn to influence each other, and to make each other feel. For example, on rainy days, the husband took the initiative to go to the station to meet his wife. The husband’s lamp reads or writes under the light of night, the wife quietly sends a cup of hot tea, hot milk. This kind of promotion of the relationship, often will make the other party angry, this is a necessary to manage the marriage.
In marriage, we should often sit down to exchange opinions, communicate ideas, and pour out the joys and sorrows of our hearts. Especially in times of adversity, the greatest need is the comfort of a loved one. A word of sympathy, an encouraging look, will relieve the psychological pressure of the other side and strengthen the confidence and strength to overcome difficulties.

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